BBM Launches “Keep Solwezi Clean”

Encouraging Youths to Keep Their Communities Clean

On the 30th March, Bresmar Building Materials (BBM) organised a “Keep Solwezi Clean” initiative, covering the Kajoba Village area of Solwezi, North Western Province. The initiative was launched with a day of focusing on the collecting of rubbish around the Kajoba Village, the area in which BBM operates, to encourage youths to keep their communities clean. Three schools joined together – Kijalamatambo School, Kajoba Community and Kimale.

The Keep Solwezi Clean initiative hopes to create further awareness of the importance of not littering and how not littering can create a major impact for all communities across Zambia.

Along with BBM’s sister companies Eagle Metal Fabrication and Green Dairy, sponsors such as JAIDS, Butterfield, Yosat, Jachris, Yummilicious, Transco and Epiroc also joined in the Keep Solwezi Clean day to help the children collect rubbish.

The day started of with the children and volunteers walking around the area with gloves and sacks to collect the rubbish. Once all the children met back at the meeting point, they weighed their sacks using stands fabricated by Eagle Metal Fabrication, where for every 1kg bag of rubbish collected, the schools would receive 1 kwacha. A total 900kg of rubbish was collected in 2 hours!

After collecting rubbish, the children had a fresh, cold cup of milk, sponsored by Green Dairy, while waiting for the ceremony, attended by the Honourable Chief Kapijimpanga, to start.

Chief Kapijimpanga commented, “What we are seeing today, we are seeing for the first time, and we would like to commend BBM for this initiative”

Chief Kapijimpanga further commented, “It is very encouraging to see businesses operating with this initiative, in the area and working with us and the government, so that we have better communities. For this we say, WELL DONE to BBM”.

Further to this, BBM donated 5,000 kwacha to each participating school to help with building materials, books, and classroom equipment. BBM hopes to keep the initiative of keeping their communities clean as a team.

The “Keep Solwezi Clean” day not only helped to clean up the area but also joined communities as one, to help one another and support one another- by also having a huge amount of fun!

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