DotCom was awarded eLevy Contract from Ministry of Local Government in May 2020

The Ministry of Local Government and Lusaka City Council (LCC) charge a fee from marketeers and vendors who sell in markets around Lusaka, but revenue collection has always been inefficient. LCC wanted to employ a more transparent solution and raise more revenue, but needed help.

Between 2018 and 2019 DotCom developed a pilot solution to collect levies from marketers and vendors. The pilot focused on capturing informal market data and subsequently enhance revenue collection.

A marketeer is registered by LCC and an account is set up in her name and she is issued with a Smart Card. The Smart Card is her Market ID, permit and means of payment for market levies. To pay levy, marketeers can deposit mobile money in his/her account and LCC staff simply swipe his/her card using a POS machine. In addition to revenue collection, the eLevy system collects data on marketeers and creates accountability and operational efficiency.

eLevy is expected commence operations by September 2020 in selected markets in Lusaka and expects to enroll more than 100,000 marketeers.

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