Women’s Workshop at BBM

In October 2019, BBM director Brenda Kunda and Emma Hudson from Kukula collaborated with Sylva Foods of Lusaka, the pioneers of drying vegetables in Zambia and exporters of preserved vegetables to the United States. This event was a BBM-sponsored two-day workshop attended by 50 women from the Kapijimpanga community.

Solwezi District Commissioner, Rosemary Kamalonga who attended the closing of the workshop commented that, “this workshop is of great significance because the women will be given an opportunity to start their own businesses and have a ready market for their products by supplying to Sylva Foods”.

On the first day of the workshop, Sylva Banda explained the process of processing and preserving foods along with food remedies, cultural values of foods, basic storage and packaging of food. Mrs. Banda also emphasized the importance of safety and hygiene throughout the process. After Sylva’s demonstration, the participants began their own process.

During the second and final day of the workshop, the ladies presented their final products to her majesty Mwadi Kapijipanga of Kapijimpanga Chiefdom and the Solwezi District Commissioner Rosemary Kamalonga during the closing ceremony of the BBM Women’s Workshop event.

Going forward, the participants will set up groups where they will be able to collaborate with Sylva Banda and hopefully be able to distribute their products.

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