Kukula is structured with three separate entities: Kukula Capital which is a joint venture between Zambian and Danish partners and was founded in 2009. The company is regulated by Securities and Exchange Commission of Zambia. Kukula Capital is the management company of Kukula Fund 1 and Kukula Seed and also provides advisory services. Kukula Seed builds cool companies that create jobs and positively impact the entire value chain. Overall, we refer to ourselves as Kukula, as the three different entities share the same values and a common goal of being a vehicle for change in the Zambian private sector.

The name Kukula is associated with growth in the local dialects of Zambia. We are deeply rooted in Zambia, which we believe represents a unique opportunity to create impact at scale.

With offices in Lusaka and Solwezi we have a strong local underestanding and network, which enables us to identify opportunities with attractive long-term growth prospects, securing a strong deal flow. Our aim is to build a diversified of investments within Local Production, Clean Tech and Financial Services and provide exceptional environmental and social returns alongside with competitive financial return. Through our advisory services, we utilise our hard earned local know-how to create value for our clients.

  • We create positive environmental, social, and financial impact
  • On a mission to create 5,000 jobs by 2023
  • Jobs created to date: 1,475
  • Number of active investments: 10
  • Founded in 2009 by Danish and Zambian partners
  • 2 offices, 23 people, 3 nationalities

To us at Kukula, Zambia represents a country with friendly people, beautiful nature, and exciting developments.

The country is populated by 17 million people and has a rising middle class. The population is young and growing with a median age of 16 and 460,000 young Zambians reaching working age every year. The vast majority of the population are supported by employment in the informal sector.

Zambia has vast natural resources including minerals and fertile soils. The backbone of the economy is the copper industry, but the country is in process of diversifying by expanding its agricultural and manufacturing sector.

​Zambia is uniquely positioned as a stable, peaceful democracy and offers first mover advantages and competitive profit margins in most sectors due to high, unserved demand and few local suppliers. It boarders eight countries and is the southern corridor of the Katanga province in DRC.

  • Birth rate: 4.6 - amongst the highest in the world
  • Official language: English with 73 dialects also spoken
  • 12% of the working age population have a formal job
  • 58% of the population live on less that USD 1.9 per day
  • Access to electricity rate: 31%
  • FDI inflow: 1.5% of GDP


  • Passionate

    What we do matters to us and we are committed in heart and mind to the work we do.

    We thrive at the impact frontier and believe in passionate people's ability to change the world.

  • Problem Solving

    We are process focused, but goal oriented.

    We are decisive and solve problems efficiently; we say what we do and we do what we say.

  • Persevering

    We demand a lot of ourselves and the poeple we work with;

    and we work hard to meet our targets and goals.

    No two days are the same and we enjoy the adventure. We never give up!