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Zambia Green Outcomes Fund

The Zambia Green Outcome Fund will invest in small and growing businesses to increase scalable green outcomes, job creation and grow commercially viable SME’s in Zambia. In collaboration with WWF and Zanaco Bank.


Zambia Green Outcomes Fund

Zambia is well positioned to become the leading investment destination in Africa and has a competitive advantage through its rich environment of natural resources. Key to this intent is the establishment of a ZMW 1 billion fund, ‘The Green Outcome Fund’ that will invest in scalable small and medium-sized businesses that seek growth capital that are committed to making a transition to green production practices.

Property 1renewable energy

Renewable Energy​

Property 1Circular energy

Electric mobility

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Fund objectives:

Create scalable green outcomes.

Create jobs and improve livelihoods.

Support project development processes and create +10% risk adjusted financial returns to fund investors.

Investment Strategy

Ticket size

Target ticket size of USD 1-6 million per investment. Offers both equity and mezzanine capital.

Sector Focus

Renewable Energy

Impact potential and sustainability

Impact potential and sustainability. Investments should contribute towards 1) climate change mitigation or adaption, or 2) environmental sustainability through green activities such as clean energy production, safe agricultural practices, sustainable forestry and waste management. Investment should demonstrate potential to delivering impact beyond the investment period through replicability and scalability.

Shareholding and board representation

Minority protection rights.

Board representation.

Shareholding range of 20% to 75%.

Financial returns

Economic and financial viability of the investment. The company should have abilities to reach scale through becoming the market leader. Investment should be able to deliver 10% internal rate of return (IRR) in USD at investment level.

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